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On my SharePoint Site are more different Lists with their own permissions. But the Workflow has to write and read in all Lists. Because of this position I grant the Workflow Full Control permissions HowTo

After that I get the following Problem:

In the first step of the workflow I assign a task to a SharePoint group. All of the persons in the group will get a notification for the created task.

If I am going to set the workflow with the Full Control rights it means that all steps a build to the "app step" in the SharePoint Designer. Nobody gets a email when I start the workflow and a task is created.

Did anyone has the same problem and can get me a answer?

The Problem is, that the task which will be created has to notify more than I person.

It seems the Workflow app can not read the SharePoint Group members?

Thanks for any help.

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I found the problem.

For task notifications to groups you have to set the group readable for all users.

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