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I have a requirement that states that I need to move files into Document Sets where the Document Set is equal to the value of a column named DS. The files and the document sets are in the same library. There are 100's of files and documents sets in this library. I can use either PowerShell or Workflow.

I have the following powerShell Script that has been posted all over the web:

$docLib = "PST"
$site=Get-SPSite $siteURL
while($count -ne 0)
$item = $collFiles[$count-1].Item
$DocSet = $item["DS"]
Write-Host "$DocSet is the doc set. $collFiles[$count-1].Name is name"
$collFiles[$count-1].MoveTo($siteURL + "/" + $docLib + "/" + $DocSet + "/"  + $collFiles[$count-1].Name, $true)                       

When I run it, it does not move the files. What am I missing here?

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