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This question is about publishing infopath 2010 form to sharepoint server 2010.I designed a form and publish it to a sharepoint library successfully.When I try to fill the form and save it to sharepoint library,I am unable to do it? Can Some one say How to save the filled infopath form to a library in share point 2010? Actually i filled the data by opening the form in infopath filler 2010 and then i click save.The it should be saved in sharepoint library directly.But it is asking me to save it to local hard disk memory?BUt in Sharepoint 2007 and Infopath 2007 it is saved in the library itself

Any help is appreciated?

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Are you unable to save the form to SP or do you just get an Non-SP location in the "Save as" dialog? What happens if you enter the URL of your document library in the filename field of the "Save as" dialoag? – AlexPoint Feb 25 '11 at 13:24
Hi Alex,In the save as dialog box,default I am getting the local memory saving dialog box? When I enter the "SP Document Library path" ,it pop-up the dialog,which says "Invalid Path".So Please give me further suggestions.Thank you – surendraj Feb 26 '11 at 7:22