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I have a very specific problem with the Site Top Navigation TABS on subsite level.

To explain i will have to be a little descriptive, so please be with me. Also i have already gone through 1.) target audience not working as expected with site group 2.) Audience Targeting on Navigation Links Here is the Scenario: I have a site http://WWW.Topsite.com. This site has two SP permission groups :1.)Arch Visitors(some specific users) 2.) Digital Visitors(nt Authority)

Next i have following two subsites: 1.)http://WWW.Topsite.com/arch 2.)http://WWW.Topsite.com/Digital Both sites are inheriting navigation from Top Site and have unique permissions.

Arch Visitors group is given rights to arch subsite and Digital Visitors group is given access to Digital site.

On the top site navigation we have added two links to for each site, with audience targetting with respective groups.(i.e Arch visitors targetted for arch site and Digital visitors targetted for digital site)

On the top site a member of Arch group is able to see both tabs. But on the Arch subsite Arch Members are not able to view Digital tab. As per my understanding they should be able to view it as they are a part of NT Authority. Than i explicitly added a user of Arch visitors to Digital visitors and than he was able to view the Digital tab on Arch subsite.

So it seems like a NT Authority issue as pointed out at target audience not working as expected with site group

This link says target does not work when we add AD group to SP Group. But if this is the case than why Members of Arch Visitors are able to view Digital Tab on Top site.

I am pretty confused. Could someone please clarify the reason.

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