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I have a stock chart and some other controls in my SharePoint WebPart...

I am unable to call all the controls in the WebPart, only one control displayed in the WebPart or the ASP server controls rendered as a object. For example Label control is rendered as System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label but the actual Label control is not displaying.

Please give me the approach to overcome this problem.

Thanks, Bhanu

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Are you able to post some source code tohelp us identify your issue? My bet is that you've not added the Label control to the this.Controls collection. – James Love Feb 22 '11 at 14:05

Within your CreateChildControls(), it should have something like this:

Label x = new Label();
x.Text = "hello world";
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What Andrew said, an in addition you could also add them to another panel to gain some div layout control:

Label x = new Label();
x.Text = "hello world";

Label y = new Label();
y.Text = "hello world2";

Panel panel = new Panel();
panel.CssClass = "my-panel";


This is all going from memory, so you might need to tweak a couple things.

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