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I've been asked to create a button called "Scan". When this button is clicked, it will start scanning the file in the Scanner machine and then storing the file in the library. However, I've searched throughout many websites and I found out that there must be a third-party to do that. Is there any scanning service or some script that can be integrated to perform this task?

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Depending on the scanner it may be able to send scans as emails either directly or through an app.

If that's the case then you can email enable the document library and then configure the scanner to send to the email address of the document library.

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You can also address the library directly via WebDAV, same as Explorer View address. –  Matthew McDermott Apr 23 at 16:01

I agree with Per Jakobsen and wish to add that there also intelligent scanners (I have seen such models from HP) that even have the required button on the scanner's menu and are capable of scanning and doing OCR before sending the document to the designated document library.

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