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We need to avoid our users, who are "site owners", delete his site collection by mistake.

The only method I think of is use Jquery to hide/disable the "Delete this site" button. Do we have other way to do so? For example disable the delete site permission. Thanks.


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A WebDeleting event can be used to prevent users event if they are owners to delete a site collection. Example:

public override void WebDeleting(SPWebEventProperties properties)
    properties.Status = SPEventReceiverStatus.CancelWithError;
    properties.ErrorMessage = "This site cannot be deleted.";
    properties.Cancel = true;

See this for more info:

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Other option is to create a HideCustomAction to hide the "Delete a site" action.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Elements xmlns="">
    GroupId = "SiteTasks"
    HideActionId = "DeleteWeb"
    Location = "Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings">

For a list of locations MSDN

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