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I'd like to run Google Analytics on our farm, but none of our links are fully qualified domains (for example, our main intranet is hosted at http://sharepoint). Is there a way around this?

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Looks like Google is not supporting the non-FQDN url:

Your company intranet

In order for Google Analytics to generate reports for your corporate intranet usage, your corporate network must be able to reach the Google Analytics JavaScript file (analytics.js). Try loading the file in your browser using one of the following links:

If you can reach one of these URLs from your internal network, you can use Google Analytics to collect data from your intranet. Your intranet must also be accessible through a fully qualified domain name such as The Google Analytics JavaScript won't work if your intranet can only be accessed using a domain name that isn't fully qualified, such as http://intranet


One interesting link to check, may solve the issue:

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