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Using an upgraded site collection (from 2010) in SharePoint Server 2013, we get inconsistent name resolution behavior inside of an infopath form surfaced by infopath forms services. The environment is configured to use windows-claims authentication and the users are in a trusted active directory domain.

The form has two people picker controls. When searching for this particular user it finds them and fills them in. When you search for a user in the second people picker control, the form posts back and the first user name cannot be resolved saying "No exact match was found" and showing the claims encoded user name.

What is weird is that this is only happening for a handful of users who happen to have very similar AD account names.

For example: domainx\smith - doesn't work domainx\smithj - works domainx\simpson - doesn't work domainx\simpsonhomer - works

This seems as almost a bug in the parsing of the user name. Has anyone seen this or know a workaround?

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