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I'm trying to create a Content Type that derives from the default Task type in SharePoint 2010.

I wan't to hide some of the fields from the new content type so they are not shown in the new form. I wan't to show all the fields in the disp form.

I have tried setting the ShowInNewForm=FALSE in the content type, but that does not seem to work..

The idea is to have something like this.

  • Task type 1
  • Task type 2
  • etc.

And for each of these types different fields a shown to the user on the new form.

Am I on the right track?

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You certainly can do this in CAML or with C# code. Could you post the code you used to the try to set ShowInNewForm attribute? –  Andy Burns Feb 15 '11 at 10:36

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Try playing with the inherits and overwrite attributes of the content type.

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Are you using InfoPath to design the form? I have heard that InfoPath forms don't respect the ShowInNewForm flag and you need to set this directly in InfoPath when designing the form.

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