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I've deployed a sharepoint hosted app with custom javascript. When I access my devsite with administrator I can use my app. When accessing with another user the js-files aren't loaded in my apppart. When accessing the app with my user directly I get the logindialog three times and after that the page is blank.

I looked for disableloopbackcheck but thats not the problem.

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Ensure that Internet Explorer "Local Intranet" Sites have been added to each computer you use: Go to: Tools — Internet Options — Security Tab

Click the “Local intranet” icon to select it

Click the “Sites” button, then click the “Advanced” button

Add the following as “Local intranet” sites: https://abc.edu https://acad.edu


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thanks for the quick help –  Steffen Schindler Mar 26 '14 at 8:12

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