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Can anyone help me with auto populate of list field based on dropdown field. Like i have list A with field Location(dropdown field). It has 10 values like India, Australia, UK, US etc. If anyone select India another testbox should get auto populate with data Delhi, for UK = London and so on.

Do I need to use any javascript and hardcode values in javascript? can anyone provide me this script. Thanks

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Are these pairs static or is this just a default value that the user can then change is needed? If this is static (India will always be Delhi and UK will always be London), you could just create a list with these values and have the lookup bring both values over. But right now it's hard to be sure exactly what you want. – Robert Kaucher Mar 25 '14 at 13:09
I got below code but not sure which is dropdown field and which is text box(which need to auto populate) – Brishal Mar 26 '14 at 13:01

You could use javascript and read the appropriate values using the REST api.

I suggest an alternative -- create a term set with the locations specified in the appropriate hierarchy and use a Managed Metadata column on the list.

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