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hey all ... i have a query i.e. How can i fix the position of the webpart on a page? in user personalization scope

fixed position means fixed zone & fixed index (top / buttom). & user can not alter its position is there any javascript by which i can rearrange the webpart at runmtime?

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For any web part if you click on the menu chevron (top right) and select Edit Web Part you'll see the properties for the web part. Expand the Advanced section. Under there you can uncheck Allow Zone Change and Allow Editing in Personal View which should do what you're looking for. This can also be set in the defintion of a custom web part, but it's standard for all web parts.

I don't know of any script to alter it dynamically as you need to actually write to the config database. You might be able to access it using SPServices but it's a lot of work for little payback.

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By javascript, I think he was referring to blocking the click/drag event handlers for the web parts. – James Love Feb 10 '11 at 19:27

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