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We are using sharepoint 2013 on our server. We are hosting a domain name which is try to access webapplicationA on our server. This was working fine before with the old firewall hardware. Now we have a new firewall hardware from Dell with new software (sonicwall). And now we got some problems. Here are some problems:

When I go to the url:


I see the website is redirecting to another path:


I got a popup with this error:

ASP.NET Ajax client-side framework (ScriptResource.axd) failed to load

I have googled on "sharepoint 2013 _layouts/15/start.aspx#/Pages/default.aspx" and found some fix: Deactivate Minimal Download Strategy Feature.

I did this and the website is not redirecting anymore to another path and get no error.

But when I go to a documentlibrary the ribbon could not be opened.

When I press the F12 button I see some javascript errors:

SyntaxError: missing : after property id


Script...ca758f3 (regel 5, kol 60) SyntaxError: syntax error


Script...ca758f3 (regel 5, kol 60) ReferenceError: Sys is not defined

...PageRequestManager._initialize('ctl00$ScriptManager', 'aspnetForm', [], [], [], ...

start.aspx (regel 144) TypeError: Array.contains is not a function

... DeltaManager_BeginRequestEventArgs(a,this._requestSettings.sourceElement);e(thi...

The errors are comming from this url:


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