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A user has a problem with her Excel file where changes are not saved (or seem to be anyway) even though she has "checked it in" ...

"... OK, I now see the checkout option.

So I checked it out, then I had to select edit,

I made a change and saved and closed. It didn’t ask if I wanted to check it in.

I selected check in and entered the comment “test”

It’s now showing checked it BUT the change I made is not captured. That is, it didn’t process my update!"

Any ideas... I think it is only for this user which is also a member of our "Sharepoint Contributors" AD group. No one else has this problem.


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Does the library have content approval selected? It might be that the document needs to published before the changes show.

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thanks BrenClarke ... I will check .. just getting the hang of this SP 2013 app and I must say it is impressive... much better than what it was way back when... after I understand it I want to integrate it with Yammer (I am a fan of Yammer) – LarrySPEX2013 Mar 12 '14 at 16:59
thanks BrenClarke ... I don't know where to check for this setting under Library -> Library Settings ...don't know why one person can but the other cannot .. – LarrySPEX2013 Mar 12 '14 at 17:22

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