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I have one problem that i am unable to add attachements to sharepoint survey in 2007.

Can any one help on me this?


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You can use a custom list to achieve that, unless you needed the branching logic of the survey list. As Kelly said, I'm unaware of any 3rd party tools to do it.

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I believe the SharePoint 2007 surveys do not allow users to add attachments. I am also personally unaware of any third party add-ons that allow for attachments.

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I am able to add attachments to Sharepoint Survey.But It is not diaplayin in the survey details.The following code will work for attaching the file

//Survey List SPList oList = oWeb.List[Guid]; oList.RootFolder.Add(filename,Url,..);

I can browse the file by using Url of the file.But the file is not showing in the survey list page.

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