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I have a task to download bulk of data(150 GB) from SharePoint document libraries? What will be more efficient and faster,Doing it using a powershell script or using a c# code to download files?

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use this powershell script to download Data from SharePoint Document Library.it takes around 2 minutes to download 1Gb data.

if((Get-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell") -eq $null)
    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

#Script settings

$webUrl = "http://xyz:1000/"

$docLibraryName = "Documents"
$docLibraryUrlName = "mydocs"

$localFolderPath = "C:\\foldername\\mydocs"

#Open web and library

$web = Get-SPWeb $webUrl

$docLibrary = $web.Lists[$docLibraryName]

$files = ([System.IO.DirectoryInfo] (Get-Item $localFolderPath)).GetFiles()

ForEach($file in $files)

    #Open file
    $fileStream = ([System.IO.FileInfo] (Get-Item $file.FullName)).OpenRead()

    #Add file
    $folder =  $web.getfolder($docLibraryUrlName)

    write-host "Copying file " $file.Name " to " $folder.ServerRelativeUrl "..."
    $spFile = $folder.Files.Add($folder.Url + "/" + $file.Name, [System.IO.Stream]$fileStream, $true)
    write-host "Success"

    #Close file stream

#Dispose web

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I would certainly use C# for it.

Debugging alone is a major asset for bulk operations and obviously you will have more control over the process.

I prefer using PowerShell for administrative or repetitive tasks only, focusing on simple things.

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You best bet is to write PowerShell script which iterates through the lists and their items, and eventually download them all. You can use System.IO.FileStream to write the bytes.

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There will be no difference in speed - I would choose the solution you feel more comfortable with writing.

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