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I am looking for some clarity on how many documents I can put into a document library in SharePoint Online (2013) in O365. In one scenario, we have 60,000+ reports that we need to upload. They are all the same type of document and it is my intent to put them into the same document library.

The way I currently understand it, I can upload up to 30,000,000 items into a list/library, but the "views" will only return 5000. Which I believe would be fine, as we would be using metadata and filters to narrow down the views.

Am I off the mark here? Or are there other pitfalls I should be aware of with large scale doc management in SharePoint online O365 (like using unique permissions).


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I would say properly plan your list for that much items, even MSFT support it but cause the issue. I think you are on track if you use you must configure metadata-based MSFt mentioned in this KB article.

in the TechNet article Software Boundaries and Limits for SharePoint 2013. In this linked article, only the sections on List and Library Limits, Page Limits, and Security Limits apply to SharePoint Online

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