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I have a modal dialog that launches when a user first visits the site. The user selects a particular item, in the form of a radio button, and then a database query is made and the resultant information is stored inside a cookie. The page refreshes, and the modal dialog does not launch because the cookie has been set with data. I use the following to commit the popup in ASP.Net:

response = string.Format("<script type='text/javascript'>window.frameElement.commitPopup(\"{0}\");</script>", value);

In the resulting javascript I execute:


I have also tried the following 2 refresh types:

window.location.href = url //url is the current URL of the page
window.open(url, "_self");

However, in Safari and iOS this does not work. When I select my option in the modal dialog, the page refreshes, and launches the modal as if the cookie is not set. Debugging the code indicates that the cookie values are null, however, if I view the cookie data in Safari, all the required information is there.

What is even stranger is when I refresh the page after the second popup the cookie is no longer null, and the popup no longer displays.

This works without issue in IE, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows. Safari on Macs, and Safari on Windows, and Chrome and Safari on iOS is where this issue occurs.

Any ideas?

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