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I'm using the DVWP to view and edit a few SQL Server database tables.

Is it possible to use a dropdown control to display values in an edit form? Let's say I'm editing a row in a table called Fruits, and there is a field called "Type" which is a foreign key reference to a table called FruitTypes. I would like to select the fruit "type" from a dropdown list bound to the FruitTypes table.

It's a pretty straightforward question, though I seem to be having a difficult time asking it. Thanks!

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The answer is "yes", at least fro a DVWP perspective. Check out my blog post on this:

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I'm not sure that's what I'm after. I want only one of my columns to be a dropdown with values from a reference table. So instead of FruitType being "0" or "1" or "2" (the key), I want it to be "Apple" or "Orange", etc. (the value corresponding to the key in the referenced table). – Boden Feb 1 '11 at 22:04

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