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I would like to give sharepoit 2010 administration certification in next two weeks. I have already spent almost six months on sharepoint 2010 administration and aware of installation, configuration, bit of sharepoint designer, bit of development, mysite global deployment, email configuration and troubleshooted many issues. I have already completed sharepoint 2007 certifications and spent almost 3 years into sharepoint administration.

What are all the other topics that i should learn before appearing into the exam room?

Any other pointers to learn more about it? Specialy blogs, video materials, podcasts?

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Going to take the exam on coming monday..Found some useful practice questions here Please post some URLs to do a mock test. – Karthikeyan Feb 18 '11 at 14:05
cleared with 89%, thanks. – Karthikeyan Feb 22 '11 at 17:07
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I take it you are going to do 70-667 first?

Use this as a guide:

As you have the 2007 certs, it should be pretty easy for you, I would suggest studying mostly the features that are new/changed in 2010.

This blog has nearly all the links you need:

The TS exam is knowledge based, so you need to know "how" to do things, you dont really need to know "why".

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Microsoft Learning is the best place for topic details. There are a few books published now on the 2010 test. Search amazon on sharepoint 2010 exam

I posted my experience in November, though not in as much detail as Becky's.

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