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When I try to find the site collection on the dev system I could see the below and wondering how can a webapplication may have site collection like this?

Get-SPWebApplication http://spdev01 | Get-SPSite | select URL


I would like to make the site collection "" as my root "http:// spdev01" is that possible?

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As John said, you could achieve it with host-named site collection. But, the URL to root site collection will be same as server name i.e.

New-SPSite 'http://spdev01' -Name 'Applications Portal' -Description 'Applications root collection' -OwnerAlias 'SomeDomain\SomeUser' -language 1033 -Template 'BLANKINTERNETCONTAINER#0'

That being said, you could then create your first host-name site collection:

New-SPSite '' -HostHeaderWebApplication 'http://spdev01' -Name 'Team sites' -Description 'Team site root' -OwnerAlias 'SomeDomain\SomeUser' -language 1033 -Template 'STS#0’

Since you're working on development machine, add the host header to your hosts file. For Production or UAT use the DNS.

Hope it helps!

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These are called "host-named site collections". There is a detailed article about them on TechNet:

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