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Using Visual Studio, I have created a custom state workflow for a SharePoint 2010 Document Library. As typical with most custom workflows, this is an approval workflow where the document in question needs to be approved/reviewed by 2-6 people. At each state, the choices for where to send the document next changes. Each state generates a Task that is assigned to a specific person or group.

It is my understanding that in SharePoint all forms (default or custom) are associated with Content Types. A list with Items of different Content Types can display different Display, Edit, and New forms because of that.

The end result is that I want slightly different task forms that allow the user to select the next state using radio buttons and icons.

Based on this, does it make sense (i.e. is this the best approach) that because each workflow state has different options on where to send the document next, that I would need multiple custom Tasks with each different Task having its own Content Type with each custom Task Content Type having its own custom forms?

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