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How to delete a website which is having subsites in sharepoint 2010? I dont like to go to down level and start up deleting? i would like to delele site and subsites at a time?

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Do you have the Publishing Infrastructure enabled? If so I believe you can do this from the Site Actions/Manage Content and Structure option. Just chose delete from the menu.

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If you're trying to do this via the Object Model, then you're going to have to recurse down through the sites and delete from the bottom up.

I've put together a function to do this (see below). However, I've also put together a more integrated solution in the form of an extension method, which can be found on my blog. SPFix: Deleting a site with subsites programmatically

public static void DeleteWeb(SPWeb web)
    foreach (SPWeb subWeb in web.Webs)

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Depends on how you want to remove the site and it's corresponding sub-sites, whether by Powershell or programatically.

If you are wanting to do this programatically, according to technet, you should be able to just use:

Remove-SPSite -Identity "http://sitename" -GradualDelete -Confirm:$False

Otherwise, the other code related snippet and link provided by @Stuart should work.

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