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Hi I want to edit the email alerts format sent from a Issue Tracker.

I need to know which files I have to edit to customize the email alerts?

I use WSS 3.0


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Saumil, Did you ever find the answer to this question? If yes, could you post it as an answer? – Kit Menke Jun 10 '11 at 14:38
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I recommend you read this first: Customizing Alert Notifications and Alert Templates in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

SPAlertTemplateType.GenericList The first alert template in Alerttemplates.xml. GenericList is used unless there is a match to one of other event types.

SPAlertTemplateType.DocumentLibrary Notification of changes in document libraries

SPAlertTemplateType.Survey Notification of changes in surveys

SPAlertTemplateType.Links Notification of changes in links

SPAlertTemplateType.Announcements Notification of changes in announcements

SPAlertTemplateType.Contacts Notification of changes in contacts

SPAlertTemplateType.Events Notification of changes in events

SPAlertTemplateType.Tasks Notification of changes in tasks

SPAlertTemplateType.DiscussionBoard Notification of changes in discussion boards

SPAlertTemplateType.PictureLibrary Notification of changes in picture libraries

SPAlertTemplateType.XMLForm Notification of changes in XML form

SPAlertTemplateType.DataConnectionLibrary Notification of changes in data connection libraries

SPAlertTemplateType.AssignedtoNotification Assigned to task / issue list notifications

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