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We are currently migrating some content that exists on a sharepoint 2007 environment to our sharepoint 2010 environment. We have been faced with scenarios where people have links in varios places (bookmarks, documents etc) to the old site, I would like these requests to be re-directed to our new location, however it can only be for certain sites as there is still a good amount of content not yet migrated on the 2007 server. For exmaple:

If a user goes to:

I would like them to be redirected to:

I am aware you can do something like this with an .htaccess file on apache but not sure how I could accomplish this in IIS.

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You can install and use the URL rewrite module for IIS, which is an extension for IIS Server version >7.

Get it from here:

Here are some articles about how to use it and create rewrite rules:

Using the URL Rewrite Module

Creating Rewrite Rules for the URL Rewrite Module

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