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I've set a break point in my feature receiver, but symbols never load and break points never met, what can I do to resolve this?

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Are your symbols available? You might need to copy the PDB file to the GAC. Here are some articles on the subject:

You also might want to try inserting a line of code that pops up a window asking if you want to debug it. From

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+1 Great links!!! – Tobi Jan 26 '11 at 13:04

Hi did you copy the pdb files to the GAC-directory where your assembly lies? To do this, use TotalCommander or CommandPrompt to navigate to

c:\windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL[Name of your assemlby][Version]\

there should be the .dll. Now copy the according .pdb from your debug build, reset IIS (or recycle AppPool), open a page of your site (to restart w3wp), attach to w3wp with visual studio (ctrl+Alt+P) and activate your feature again...should work now ;-)

ah, one minute too late....anyway ;)

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