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I want to perform some Action once the item is added. I have a Custom List that reacts on Item Creation.

If, at this level, i want to Delete the item immediately once it is added, how could I do?

Thank you very much!

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As C.Marius mentions, if you are able to add custom code, go for a Event Handler.

To point you in the right direction, check this example out;

But would it not be better to prevent users to add the listitem in the first place?

Anyway, the most simple approach i can think off:

Public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties)

    properties.Cancel = true;

And dont forget to scope the Event Handler to the specific list in the Elements.xml, just change

<Receivers ListTemplateId="100"> 

to this

<Receivers ListUrl="Lists/someListName"> 
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You can use sharepoint designer to create a list workflow for the list.

You can use conditions to determine if the item should be deleted.

Then you can delete the current item.

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It will depend on the intended approach:

  1. By code - you always have Event Handlers (OnItemAdding - synchronous, which can be cancelled if a certain condition is not met or OnItemAdded - asynchronous - if you wish to perform some stuff prior to deleting it, that triggers after the actual item has been created). Great advantage of a handler is that you could tie that into a content type, certain list type - which increase reusability
  2. As Russell already mentioned, more declarative, for special cases, or if you are rather targeting Content types - a Reusable workflow.
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