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I'm having a problem when I try to reset the content index in SharePoint 2013. When I try to reset the index from the 'Search Administration Page', the page hangs for about a half-hour then returns "Request Timeout". I have tried resetting via PowerShell using the $searchapp.Reset($true, $false) command from Reset the content index (SharePoint Server 2010) And this also hangs. I did not see the PowerShell command finish, so I can't say what output it would have.

I just tried restarting the SharePoint server and retried from the 'Search Administration Page' and got a timeout. I have not retried from PowerShell. I am assuming I would have the same result as before.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I had a related issue and following this answer was able to get the search back up and running:


Once restarted the Timer Service (see full instructions) - i reset the index one more time and now search seems to be back to normal.

good luck!

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This seems to have done it, thanks! I had to wait a little bit for the cache to be rebuilt, but we've got it squared away now. It also fixed a problem with our backup system that I didn't know about. Looks like the problem is related either to backup programs or to having less than 24GB of RAM on a single server farm. –  DaveO Jan 23 '14 at 19:07

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