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I'm trying to create a search navigation (Site Settings -> Search -> Search Settings -> Configure Seach Navigation) which is only visible to a specific set of users (audience).

Unfortunately I can select the specific group in the dialogue and hit "OK" but nothing is saved which I can see when I reopen the dialogue. Moreover the audience is not considered when opening the site.

I have tested this in three different farms and all of them behave the same way. Either all the farms are somehow messed up or it is possibly a "bug".

Can somebody please try to set an audience to search navigation and check in which way is behaving on their site.


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I am experiencing the same behavior; we are using SP 2013 with the October 2013 CU applied. I am going to submit to MS as a bug. –  user22123 Jan 21 at 16:57
Thanks for your feed @cchance. I should have noted in my original question that we are running on October 2013 CU in one of the farms as well. Could you tell whats the best to file a bug for this at MSFT? –  André Jan 21 at 19:51
I also have the issue on October CU. I didn't see anything specific in the December CU notes referring to this fix, have you tried on Dec CU? Did a bug end up getting logged? –  user23585 Feb 11 at 9:35
Any news on this from anybody? –  André Mar 4 at 19:58
Also having the same issue on multiple environments (RTM, March 2013 CU, SP1+July 2014CU). Anyone have an answer? –  kalos1840 Oct 2 at 16:57

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