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I upgraded SP 2010 Solution created using VS 2010 to SP 2013 solution in VS 2012. The Solution has one SharePoint project which references another SharePoint project in the same solution. There are using statements in the project which refer to classes in the referred project. When I build individual projects or whole solution everything builds fine. However, when I try to deploy or package a project which references another SharePoint project, I get the namespace error:

The type or namespace name 'XXXXX' does not exist in the namespace 'XXXXXX' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

All assembly references, .Net Framework etc are properly updated to reflect SP 2013 changes. The issue is very similar to this issue:

SharePoint project builds but will not package

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It might be good idea to add problem to your question then give link to it :) and what error does it throw when you try to deploy it –  Muhammad Raja Jan 13 at 11:24
@MuhammadRaja, see the updated question. –  Nadeem Yousuf Jan 13 at 11:33
Check what is it deploying @package, seems like it's has reference to some dll, which isn't already in GAC, at least that's what happened in my case, just to be on safe side, add that dll as safe controls within your package and then see if it makes any difference –  Muhammad Raja Jan 13 at 11:38
@MuhammadRaja thanks, but that did not help. –  Nadeem Yousuf Jan 13 at 12:50

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I fixed the issue by removing the dll references which were added using "Project references" and then added the references by browsing to bin folder.



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