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Does Visual Studio 2010 work with MOSS 2007?

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No Vs2010 only works with SharePoint 2010. For Moss 2007 you'll need VS2008

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You can however use SPVisualDev that works with VS2010 for SP2007 solutions.

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This is great, thanks! – taaazz Jan 18 '11 at 16:58

All of the Templates in VS2010 are designed for SP2010, and likely won't work for SP2007 without modification.

I know of no reason you couldn't create a project for SP2007 and do all the work that VS2010 does for SP2010 manually (Build the WSP, generate various Xml files), OR use WSPBuilder, or another 3rd party tool.

Edit: Johan is correct, SPVisualDev is what I was thinking of.

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