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I followed this tutorial to create a resource file named GlobalResources.resx under Resources.

Resources file in root

I am able to access the content of the resource file using:

string resourceVal = SPUtility.GetLocalizedString("$Resources:GlobalResources, ResourceKey", 
"GloablResources", language);

However, to follow company coding standards, I am required to move the resources file into a folder named <client>.<project>.<department>.<farm|sandbox>.
So I did this:

Resource file in sub-folder

But now I'm not able access the resource values!

I tried the following...


SPUtility.GetLocalizedString("$Resources:Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm/GlobalResources, ResourceKey", 
"Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm/GlobalResources", language);


SPUtility.GetLocalizedString("$Resources:Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm\\GlobalResources, ResourceKey", 
"Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm\\GlobalResources", language);


SPUtility.GetLocalizedString("$Resources:Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm.GlobalResources, ResourceKey", 
"Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm.GlobalResources", language);

...but none of them worked.

How do I access the resource file that's not in the root of the Resources folder?

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SPUtility.GetLocalizedString("$Resources:YourKeyValue", "Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm\\GloablResources", 1033);

plz refer this link

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did you try this $Resources:Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm\GlobalResources or $Resources:`/Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm/GlobalResources?

also check this msdn for

check this guy

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The folder becomes part of the namespace. I think you are almost there with option c), but as first parameter write the key "$Resources: ResourceName".

For example if in the resource file you have key-value pair with name = "MyFieldName" and value="MyField" then this should work:

SPUtility.GetLocalizedString("$Resources:MyFieldName", "Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm.GloablResources", language);

And don't forget to run copyappbincontent command.

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Thanks for the asnwer, but sorry, specifying the resource filename as Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm.GlobalResources didn't work for me. Instead, Comp.Dept.Proj.Farm\\GlobalResources did. – SNag Dec 24 '13 at 8:30

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