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I'm developing a custom webpart and I'd like to leverage jQuery for some of my client side functionality. I found a few articles that lay out the following technique for adding a script reference to a page from a custom webpart.

In my CreateChildControls method I added this line:

ScriptLink.Register(this.Page, "/_layouts/1033/jquery.js", false);

Then ensured that the script file is being deployed as part of my feature.

But after following this example I get the following error:

Cannot make a cache safe URL for "/_layouts/1033/jquery.js", file not found. Please verify that the file exists under the layouts directory. 

I can take that path string and throw it in the address bar after "http://%servername%" and the browser tries to download the script file so it's obviously there. What am I missing here?

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this.Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptInclude(this.Page, this.GetType(), insertuniquekeyhere, "/_layouts/1033/jquery.js");

See the RegisterClientScriptInclude page on MSDN for details. Other ScriptManager methods might also help.

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Sorry it took so long to mark as answer I was on another project for a bit. – jjr2527 Jan 21 '11 at 6:44

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