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We currently have a full farm backup from a previous install of sharepoint made using the backup and restore feature.

We can no longer use the server for sharepoint as it is now being used for something else and we cannot change the domain name. We need to restore at least the web application with it's content database to a new server (now virtualised with a different domain name) with a new install of sharepoint.

However when trying to do this (using the backup and restore web interface) we get nothing but errors.

Before I start posting long error messages is it possible to do this and if so am I going about it correctly? I have looked into using the stasdm utility but it does not seem to be the correct too to use for this type of restore although if we had used it to backup the site in the first place it might be easier to restore now. 20.20 hindsight.

EDIT: Latest restore attempt gave this error on trying to restore the "Microsoft SHarepoint Foundation Web Application":

Restore failed for Object UKSharepoint_Content (previous name: WSS_Content) failed in  event OnRestore. For more information, see the spbackup.log or sprestore.log file located in the backup directory.

(That is from the sprestore.log and it provides no more information)

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