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I am trying to debug a completely broken SharePoint 2013 site. I was able to grab the error logs for the correlation id (25 MB!) using

get-splogevent -starttime (get-date).addminutes(-20) | where-object { $_.correlation -eq "43b2539c-1d77-50f1-f463-2d48243757d0" } | fl message > error.txt

Inside of the log, I noticed several places where the following occurred:


The "someUser" listed is for an account that should no longer be in use, and I'm wondering if that might be the source of at least some of my problems. It sometimes happens in close proximity to "Add Web Part with Error".

However, I cannot find that account listed in any of the Windows Services, or on any screens in SharePoint.

The only place I can find it listed is with the Powershell command:


But that only tells me the user exists, not how it is used.

How can I get a listing of all places where SharePoint uses a particular Windows account?

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