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We a number of sharepoint sites that have document libraries where the Type - Checkbox column is missing. We are on SharePoint 2010.


I am currently thinking that the doc libraries that are missing the checkboxes are older sites/libraries that were created in a prior version (and migrated) where the new doc libraries all have the checkbox column. This is a theory.

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Are you referring to the Yes/No field type is missing from the create column page? Or are some check boxes missing from new/edit forms? Or are they missing from the views? Is it a standard document library with no customization? – djeeg Jan 12 '11 at 0:01

If you're talking about the Check Boxes that let you easily select multiple items from a view, then it's View Setting.

To get them back click "Modify View", then scroll down to "Tabular View", and ensure the checkbox labelled "Allow individual item checkboxes" is checked.

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