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I want to create date range filtering on my event list. For that I use the following article: List filtering by date range. I was able to follow all the article and connected Date Filter Web Part with XsltListViewWebPart, but it doesn't work for me.


I can see all the items as expected before changing date in datepicker (so, it seems that default value in format "2013-01-01" works well). However, when I select any date in Date Filter Web Part I can't see any items.

My thoughts

I think it happens because XsltListViewWebPart expects data to be in form of "yyyy-MM-dd", whereas Date Filter returns date using my current Russian locale where date is in form "dd.MM.yyyy".

My question

Does anybody have any ideas how can I change date representation using SPD in my case? Probably, there is another way (e.g. set locale explicitly in CAML query in XsltListViewWebPart) to be able to filter items on date range.

Code of Aspx page

<SPSWC:DateFilterWebPart runat="server" ... ></SPSWC:DateFilterWebPart>

<WebPartPages:XsltListViewWebPart runat="server" IsIncluded="True" GhostedXslLink="main.xsl" NoDefaultStyle="TRUE" ViewFlag="8" Title="Мероприятия" PageType="PAGE_NORMALVIEW" ListName="{25E344F0-71DC-4902-AD60-861C3CEF407E}" Default="FALSE" DisplayName="Мероприятия" __markuptype="vsattributemarkup" partorder="5" __WebPartId="{6B59D765-63F0-4955-9CB1-B0B459C469AC}" id="g_6b59d765_63f0_4955_9cb1_b0b459c469ac" viewcontenttypeid="0x" __designer:customxsl="fldtypes_Ratings.xsl">
                        <View Name="{08F8DCB4-BC83-4DAC-822B-3359D12D56D7}" MobileView="TRUE" Type="HTML" DisplayName="Все события" Url="/Lists/List/AllItems.aspx" Level="1" BaseViewID="1" ContentTypeID="0x" ImageUrl="/_layouts/15/images/events.png?rev=23">
                                        <FieldRef Name="EventDate"/>
                                        <Value Type="DateTime">{Startt}</Value>
<FieldRef Name="fRecurrence"/>
    <ParameterBinding Name="Startt" Location="Control(qwe)" DefaultValue="2010-10-10"/>
   <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:x="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:d="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/dsp" version="1.0" exclude-result-prefixes="xsl msxsl ddwrt" xmlns:ddwrt="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WebParts/v2/DataView/runtime" xmlns:asp="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ASPNET/20" xmlns:__designer="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WebParts/v2/DataView/designer" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" xmlns:msxsl="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xslt" xmlns:SharePoint="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls" xmlns:pcm="urn:PageContentManager" xmlns:ddwrt2="urn:frontpage:internal" xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"> 
<xsl:param name="dvt_apos">'</xsl:param>                                                                        
<xsl:param name="Startt">2010-10-10</xsl:param>
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