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I have to implement filtering of my event list on several columns like EventType, Organisator and so on.

All the columns filtering work well using OOB filtering by pressing on the header of the column. However, one of my tasks is to add filtering on date range. I tried to add Date Filter (called it "StartFrom") and connect it to my list view "Start Time" column. This way I am able to filter my data using date picker in filter. However, it shows only events which start on the specific date, whereas, I need show all the events after this date.

I found an article which explains how to achieve my goals. However, for some reasons I can't change filtering settings, because I can't see List View Tools when I set the cursor at my List View Web Part.

enter image description here

Also when I try to add filtering using web browser

enter image description here

I get an exception "Filter parameter is not supported date value". The same message I get if change "[StartFrom]" to anything else.

Does anybody have any ideas how can I achieve my goal? Every suggestion is very appreciated.

UPDATE1. After recreating the page from the scratch in SPD I was able to follow the shown above article, but anyway filtering doesn't work. As far as I understand the issue is in different locales expected by LVWP and returning by filter (I am on Russian site). I am continuing the investigation.

UPDATE2. Link to another my question which is related to the new issue: Wrong date representation on Russian site while filtering by date range using Date Filter Web Part (?)

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