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Is there any way in SP 2007 of showing a column name and a file attachments dialog similar to the one that is displayed when clicking the link 'Attach' on a an list's newform.aspx but as a list column within the newform.aspx page?

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I think this forum post on MSDN might be of some help:

Add attachment column to copy of NewForm.aspx in sharepoint designer

For your scenario, I think you can try to create a custom list form (create custom list form), and then you can use SharePoint control “Form Action Button” instead of the default “Ok” button in the custom list form:

  1. Open the new list form in SharePoint Designer;
  2. Delete the “OK” button.
  3. Insert a “Form Action Button” in the same place: In “Insert” menu > select “SharePoint Controls”> select “More SharePoint Controls”>select “Form Action Button”
  4. There will has a “Form Actions” dialog box, select “Commit” and “Navigate to page “actions for this button> click “Navigate to page “ and click “settings”> set the page URL.
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