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I need to use any of the out of the box webpart , my requirement is , the webpart consist of an image and it shld redirect to a page .

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i got it . . 1)add a content editor webpart . . 2)go to rich text editor . . 3)press ctr+shift + g and browse and add the image . . 4)on top nav press " click to open hyperlink in new window " 5) say ok . . ur ready to go / / – Nikhil Jangle Jan 6 '11 at 6:48

For SharePoint 2010

  • Add "Content Editor Webpart"
  • Select content editing area of webpart
  • In ribbon, Editing Tools -> Insert -> Picture -> From Address
  • Address = /sites/test/SiteAssets/a.gif
  • In ribbon, Editing Tools -> Format Text -> HTML -> Edit HTML Source


<img alt="a" src="/sites/test/SiteAssets/a.gif" style="margin: 5px"/><br/><br/>


<a href=""><img alt="a" src="/sites/test/SiteAssets/a.gif" style="margin: 5px"/></a><br/><br/>
  • Then Save & Close
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