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Apparently each SPWeb can have it's own list of TimeZones (assuming that is why there is a TimeZones property on each SPWeb's RegionalSettings).

Why could/would a web/site within a site collection/farm have different collection of TimeZones (i know why a different web/site would have a different TimeZone selected, I am asking about the "collection" of time zones - i.e. the list of values that populate the TimeZone dropdown in the /_layouts/regionalsetng.aspx page)? Wouldn't the possible list of selectable values be the same for each web across a farm?

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The Timezones property of the SPWeb.RegionalSettings setting is the same across the entire farm:

Gets the collection of time zones used in a server farm.

It is, therefore, the same for all Webs. I suspect the confusion arises as the SPWeb.RegionalSettings property just gets/sets and SPRegionalSettings object. Considered from that point of view, it is reasonable that the TimeZones collection is also available from the SPRegionalSettings class - though I'm suprised it isn't static.

It does not appear to be related to the operating system, though it's hard to tell; Reflector can't decompile the COM layer.

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Yeah, see that. I think the Time Zones are pulled from the TimeZones.xml file in the SharePoint Root: – Brian Dec 29 '10 at 21:40

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