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I have a web part which contains FileUpload control , i want to replace FileUpload control with Upload Multi Files Sharepoint control.

Is there a way to reference this control in my project?

Best regards

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The Multi Files UploadControl (UploadCtl) is a Activex Control defined in the STSUPLD.dll, which in turn gets installed during the Microsoft Office 2010 setup (refer to this page for more info)

You can use the object in your webpart:

<OBJECT id=idUploadCtl name=idUploadCtl CLASSID=CLSID:07B06095-5687-4d13-9E32-12B4259C9813 WIDTH='100%' HEIGHT='350px'></OBJECT>

and, some hidden fields to config the control

    <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="PostURL" id=PostURL VALUE="the page recive the files you upload" />        
    <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="Confirmation-URL" id="Confirmation-URL" VALUE="after upload the control will redriect to this url." />
    <INPUT type=hidden name="putopts" id=putopts value="true">
    <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="VTI-GROUP" VALUE="0">
    <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="Cmd" VALUE="Save">
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