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SharePoint 2010 introduced onenote recyclebin concept, according to it all deleted section goes to one note recyclebin.

You can delete it manually and even delete that folder but one note will recreate it next time you delete anything in one note.

I want to remove crawling of these recyclebin folders from search. Right now when I am searching anything related to one note top results are showing files from recycle bin with urls like this


SharePoint by default not crawls main site recyclebin so I am not sure why it's crawling this folder and if there is any way i can remove this from searching or lower it's rank so that it not comes up on top of search results?

Update: Windows explorer for one note file shows several folders other than actual one note files. All these folders contains onebin files, though i am not crawling onebin files but these folders are getting crawled and I am able to see all these folders ( including recycle bin folder) in my search results.

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