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On our corporate intranet, we upload news articles in two different formats:

  1. Written text in a Publishing Page (with or without any supporting documents)

  2. An empty Publishing Page with a PDF document attachment containing the article content.

One of the downsides of method 2 is that with the current setup, the document is basically just attached to an empty article page and staff have to click the news headline on the homepage to open the article page, then click on the PDF attachment within the article page to open it.

I'm sure there's a better way of doing this so that the PDF opens directly when staff click on the homepage headline links, whilst also keeping these PDF documents and their contents in the same publishing environment as the other publishing page news articles, so they can all be sorted and filtered together.

I've thought of using a redirect Publishing Page to link to a document stored in a list somewhere else, but I'm concerned that this will split up the page-based news stories from the document-based news story content and that I won't be able to manage them all together.

I'll be very grateful for any advice that could improve the way I currently have these PDF document-based articles set up. :-)

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