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In an Intranet site we have a Site Collection created using Publsihing template with Read access to all NTAuthenticated users and within this site collection there is a subsite (for a secured department) with broken inheritance from parent with access given to a group created with in this subsite - working as expected. We have created a folder in a document library of this subsite and has broken the inheritance on this folder to give 'read' access to user outside this department.

By giving the user account read permissions on the folder, they then have "limited access" permissions on the document library and the site. I believe this is by design.

We have shared the link to this folder in an email(did not sent email when granting access- it did not work too) But they still get an access denied error when viewing the folder. And when running the "check permissions" function on the specific folder permissions I see:

The user may not be able to access the item. The user may need to be granted access to the containing list or site. Permission levels given to User (AD\loginId) Read,Limited Access
Given directly

**Then for testing Purposes,

  1. If I grant access to parent library but not subsite** they are able to access folder contents. (Of course we don't want to do this)
  2. Also tested same test case by giving 'Contribute' access (all permission levels are OOTB not customized) but same result

  3. This is happening in all site collections of this web application.

    • I thing we do not anything suspicious in Web application's UserPolicy.
    • No issues with Access mapping in terms of internal network (but could be something missing here? Is this related)
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