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I have a rather large table (over 2000 rows) that I need to pull into a SharePoint list. Business Data Connectivity Service has a pretty easy method to accomplish this yet their filtering is so unintuitive (I know I can increase the max rows but I'd much rather use filtering). What I REALLY want to do is only grab a few records with the most recent DateTime field but I can't even figure out how to filter by the highest integer fields much less DateTime. The Operator only seems to work with something I specify as the default value and can't compare against itself?

I could also take a limit of the highest rows since the most recent additions will be at the end of the table but I don't see how to do a limit that grabs the last items rather than the first. As long as I can retrieve a group of items that actually include the latest DateTime fields I can use linq to further the search in my web part, I'm just struggling in figuring out how to use filtering to do that.

Also, as a more general question, what is the difference between the "Data Source Element" and the "Filter Field"? It seems like the filter works on whatever I specify as the "Filter Field" so what the heck is this "Data Source Element" I have to specify when creating a new filter?

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