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So I have this line: lvwp.ListViewXml.OrderBy.. - after this I have no Idea what to write?

I would like to assign something like:

Combining like this:

lvwp.ListViewXml.OrderBy<FieldRef Name='Index' Ascending='TRUE' />(); 

will ofcourse not work

I have looked at: , but I just dont get it, Im pretty new with programming and dont really understand concepts like Enumerable and generics

Anyway, is there a simple answer to this?

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ListViewXml is of type string, so you should not use Linq at all on it.

It should be set with a string containing CAML

Something like this:

lvwp.ListViewXml = "<Query><Where>YOUR FILTER CAML IF NEEDED</Where><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Index' Ascending='TRUE' /></OrderBy><Query>"
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