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i have created a new site collection of type team site inside SharePoint 2013. it took around 50 minutes till it creates the site collection and i got the folloiwng page:-

Central Administration : Application Management : Top-Level Site Successfully Created

But when i try to access the site collection which have the following URL https://servername:80/sites/Intranet i receive the following error :- "Page Can not be displayed". I checked the IIS manager under application pool and the SharePoint - 80 was started successfully.

Can anyone advice please?


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Can you navigate to the settings page? https://servername:80/sites/Intranet/_layouts/15/settings.aspx

If yes, then your site is successfully created but the landing page is missing/corrupt.

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after creating the site collection in specific web application you should share the site for specific users, without sharing the site the users can't access..

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