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I have added code snippet to my team site containing the following code:-

<div class="ms-comm-adminLinks ms-core-defaultFont ms-noList" unselectable="on"> 
  <div class="ms-webpart-titleText" unselectable="on"> Useful Links </div> 
<ul class="ms-comm-adminLinksList" unselectable="on"> 

<ul unselectable="on">

 <li class="ms-comm-adminLinksListItem" unselectable="on"><a href="" target="_blank" unselectable="on"> Salesforce </a></li>
//code goes here

but this will have the defualt light-grey back ground color as shown below. so is there a way to modify this background color without affecting the ms-comm-adminLinks ms-core-defaultFont ms-noList format ?

enter image description here


I have added the following to my custom CSS file:-

.ms-comm-adminLinks {
    background-color:#008CD2 !important;
    .ms-comm-adminLinksListItem a{
    color:white !important;

And it chnage the format as needed, so is this approach wrong or considered risky, and the result is now as follow:- enter image description here

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Why not just wrap it in an element with a specific CSS class?

  <!-- snipped -->
  <li class="ms-comm-adminLinksListItem" unselectable="on"><a href="" target="_blank" unselectable="on"> Salesforce </a></li>
  <div class="codeSnippet">
     //code goes here

You could then style the codeSnippet class any way you liked.

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can you check my Edit please ? – john G Sep 25 '13 at 23:17
It is generally a bad idea to override styles from Microsoft though there are times when it is necessary. Since you are just changing the color, this should be acceptable though I would have tried to find a more specific selector first, something like .MyLeftCol .ms-comm-adminlinks { /* style stuff */ } – Dave Wise Sep 26 '13 at 13:44

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